Ghost ride the whip, John Deere combine edition

A company's livery is an important part of its image. If a brand has done a good job of things, you can generally tell its wares by its color scheme or logo without the need to spell out names. When we think of famous liveries, images of Martini & Rossi, John Player Special and Silk Cut-clad racing machines pop into our head. If you live in Minnesota, however, you might prefer the green and yellow scheme belonging to the farm equipment czars at John Deere. One couple in particular decided to highlight their mid-80's John Deere Turbo 6620 combine in a rather unique way.

Are you familiar with the term ghost riding? For the three percent of our readership isn't, allow us to explain. To ghost ride, is to put a vehicle in gear then exit it and walk or dance alongside it as it ambles along. (Full Disclosure: We don't really get it either).

Many have tried to ghost ride with all manner of vehicle, but this is the first time we can recall anyone ghost ride a John Deere combine. The couple's amusing video, which throws in Petey Pablo's Need for Speed for good measure, is posted after the jump.

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