General Motors urban EN-V concept needs more precise GPS

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When General Motors revealed its trio of EN-V concepts in early 2010, they were an instant hit. The thing is, their appearance looks like they come from about 15 years in the future. This might be fitting since these autonomous, electric urban mobility vehicles that can whisk you to your destination in hands-free style need more precise GPS before they will work in the real world.

In the real world, the current GPS system – accurate to within three meters (9.8 feet) – means the EN-V is currently useless. But over the course of the next decade, more accurate GPS satellites will improve the vehicle's precision. Building a vehicle based on technology that may never see the light of day is risky, but GM seems confident. The prototype EN-V, which has been touring expos, shows and conventions, doesn't necessarily represent the production version, which GM says retain the basic features, but be "designed to be more practical for real-world use." The General is currently in talks with cities in China, South Africa and the U.S. to create an infrastructure for the vehicle, which will reportedly cost only $10,000 when it goes on sale in... the faraway future.

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