Classic American cars collect to Cruise

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If the muscle car era started in 1964, only to be reinvigorated in the last decade or so, we need a tidy way to label all those memorable cars that came before or don't have the massive cubic inch engines needed to qualify for the muscle category. We'll just call 'em classics.

In the gallery after the break, you'll see a smattering of old Fords, some turned lovingly into hot rods, along with old Cadillacs, Corvairs and convertibles. There's the scattered Studebaker and even a few surprises... like The Most Interesting Man in the World.

We've gone ahead and labeled our classics gallery to the best of our abilities, but a few of these could be off by a year or two and some are pretty much identifiable due to their extreme modifications. No matter, each one is a certified classic – we hope you enjoy the gallery, and we'll see you next year in Woodward!

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