Tennessee ranks top in automotive manufacturing strength

Ask anyone in the country to name the state that they believe is the best place to build automobiles. We'd wager that Michigan would be the first state uttered by most – it's the home to Ford, Chrysler and General Motors, after all). The correct answer, however, according to Business Facilities, is Tennessee, which has been crowned the champ with regards to automotive manufacturing strength. Make that defending champ, since this is the second year in a row that Business Facilities has recognized Tennessee as the top spot to build cars.

Why Tennesse? Just ask Volkswagen and Nissan about their state-of-the-art facilities, happy workers and the burgeoning crop of supply companies flocking to the state. Another major plus for the automakers is that Tennessee is a right-to-work state, which allows them avoid tangoing with unions. Both automakers employ non-unionized teams, and their employment numbers are growing.

So where does Michigan rank on the Business Facilities list of the top ten states for automotive manufacturing strength? Sixth, behind South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Alabama. The rest of the the top spots are held by Ohio, Mississippi, Texas and Indiana.

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