Quimera AEGT01, the "most powerful electric car on earth," could spawn TTXGP-related series

The Quimera AEGT01 – Click above to watch video after the jump

Quimera, a Spanish eco-transport consortium, will only officially launch its AEGT01 electric race car next month, but it's let slip a video showing off its muy caliente-mobile in advance. Though we can't verify the claim that it's the "most powerful" electric car on earth at least, not without a test drive of our own we have no qualms in saying "Holy %#@*$&!, this thing is seriously bad ass."

How could it not be? The sexy gull-winged carbon fiber monocoque is stuffed with three UQM motors putting out 700 horsepower and 1000+ lb ft of torque, making it capable of boogying from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds on its way up to a 180-mph top end. It even boasts a multi-speed transmission to seduce the senses of those who are still somewhat attached to the driver-involving ways of traditional drivetrains.

Quimera says that it will build a couple more examples of the AEGT01 after its official debut at Motorland in Alcañiz, Spain and its presentation at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, with tests for interested teams and drivers coming early in 2012. This news, coupled with the TTXGP and Mavizen logos just ahead of the front wheels led us to get in contact with Azhar Hussain to inquire about its involvement. Although he was unable to offer anything definitive, the electric racing impresario did give us a statement that, although brief, is heavy with intrigue.

The TTXGP mission to be part of the next generation of motorsport continues with the engagement of Quimera and the development of the AEGT family of vehicles. Javier [de Rocafort] and his team have done a phenomenal job and as the story unfolds, the AEGT demonstrates the traction behind our collective vision. As we enter our 3rd year, TTXGP has been the catalyst for lasting change that will push us beyond the race track and beyond motorcycles. Proud to be part of it.

Beyond the race track? Beyond motorcycles? Could he be alluding to a city-street competition similar to those planned for the aborted EMXGP? While we ponder the implications of that statement and wait for the situation to develop, we'll have to content ourselves with footage of this black beauty hooning about Motorland Aragón, which we happily share with you after the break.

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