Infographic: Wage gap between CEO and employees

As you're probably already aware, Ford CEO Alan Mulally earned well over $26 million last year. Fiat and Chrysler head Sergio Marchionne was next in the ranks of highest-paid CEOs among automakers with $17 million in compensation, and Nissan/Renault chief Carlos Ghosn was third at $13 million.

None of this is news, really. We already knew that. But what you may not know is how those figures compare to the income of the average autoworker. According to the infographic you see above (click here to enlarge), the average annual salary earned by autoworkers in America as of February 2010 was $48,000... but that figure varies a good deal, depending on factors such as the company paying the bill and the number of years employed.

For a more complete breakdown of CEO compensation versus the rest of an automakers' employees, check out the full graphic after the jump.

Salaries of Automotive CEOs by Car Insurance

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