BMW prices four-cylinder 5 Series and Z4 models

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As we've mentioned earlier, BMW is ready to improve overall fuel efficiency for the 2012 model year with the introduction of a new 2.0-liter turbo four. The new mill, which is slated to put out 240 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque, will arrive Stateside under the bonnet of the 2012 528i, Z4 and 3 Series.

If you're willing to part with your hard-earned cash, the 528i and Z4 models will arrive in September. And now we know just how much money you'll have to kiss goodbye, as the German luxury make gave us the price of entry for both models.

Removing two cylinders will lead to increased fuel economy, and you can apply those pump savings towards the higher purchase price. The 2012 528i will set buyers back $47,575, or $2,505 more than the $45,050 2011 model. Meanwhile, the Z4 will carry an MSRP of $49,525, or $2,075 more than the 2011 model. For now, all we have is the new base prices for the turbo-four-equipped models. We can only hope these higher prices also come with a bit more standard equipment.

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