Video: James Lipton Is Addicted To His Audi Q5

Gone In Sixty Seconds

Recently we went inside the garage with Inside the Actors Studio host, James Lipton. The goateed TV personality gave us a little confession about his automotive obsession.

Though his first car was an Austin-Healey, his taste has settled on something less sporty and debonairly British.

"Funny you should ask," he said when we inquired about what he's currently driving. "I have just this week bought a new car, and it is an Audi Q5, a car to which I confess I'm addicted."

The man who chooses not to end sentences with prepositions has a preference for Stephen Colbert's own brand of choice.

"I always drove Mercedes before the Audi," he said. "When I drove the Audi, I liked it so much. It's so sleek."

With such a bold velar, we wondered why?

Turns out he subscribes to the Goldilocks philosophy: "Just the right size."

The cross-over's 3.2 L V6 provides the 270 hp he needs in the snow.

"We live at the top of a hill in Bridge Hampton, and in the winter time that can take some doing to get up there."

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