Electric Chevrolet Spark for the U.S. in the works?

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Here's an equation: Take General Motors' confirmation that the Chevrolet Spark minicar will be U.S.-bound sometime in 2012, add in the unveiling of the electric Chevy Beat in India and a dash of info contained within The General's recently announced deal with A123 Systems. What do you get as a logical conclusion, at least according the Green Car Reports? GM's first electric-only offering here in the States will likely be the Spark. Furthermore, The Detroit Bureau reports GM will launch its first electric-only production vehicle in 2014.

If you recall, General Motors showed off a battery-powered Chevrolet Beat (aka the Chevy Spark in some markets) in India in late June. This electric Beat is not a production vehicle, but is part of GM's ongoing demonstration project focused on studying the feasibility of electric vehicles in major metropolitan areas (see also: the Opel Meriva).

The electric B-segment demo vehicle boasts a range of 130 kilometers (81 miles) and takes approximately eight hours to recharge from empty using a 240-volt outlet. The Beat makes use of a 20-kWh, liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack that directs juice to a 45-kilowatt (60 horsepower) electric motor.

Of course, at this time, the U.S. debut of an electric Spark is nothing more than speculation. Speaking of The General's electric future, Micky Bly, GM's executive director of global electric systems, infotainment and electrification, stated:
We're taking information from our electric-car test fleets to help us formulate product strategy. We'll make public statements in that regard by the end of the year.
Guess we'll have to wait a bit, then.

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