Spy Shots

2012 BMW 3 Series spied sans all camouflage

New pictures of the 2012 BMW 3 Series have surfaced, showing the car without camouflage. There is possibly no more important sedan for BMW than the 3 Series. It's the car with a burnished reputation, and the 2012 3 Series will be here soon. Because of its monumental importance to both BMW and every other manufacturer that benchmarks it, an entire corner of the automotive industry is on tenterhooks waiting to see what comes out of the Black Forest Bavarian Alps.

And here it (apparently) is. Not surprisingly, the 2012 3 Series looks a lot like the 2011 5 Series, only smaller. The resemblance is especially strong in the taillights, the shape of the hood and the strong character line down the flanks. These new pictures, from Spanish site bmwfaq.com, are the clearest view we've yet gotten of the new 3 Series, and while it may not be any more surprising, it's still a lot more interesting than the 2012 Toyota Camry that's been leaking out.

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