Flip-flop malfunction causes SUV to strike and kill three women [w/video]

Tragedy struck in New York on August 10, 2011, when a woman driving a Toyota Highlander lost control of her vehicle and struck three pedestrians, killing them. News 10 out of Albany, New York, reports that the driver, LuAnn Burgess, told police that her flip-flop somehow got jammed under the accelerator pedal, which resulted in the vehicle speeding out of control.

The three women killed in the incident were standing outside a church waiting to use the restroom. Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple called the incident "one of the most horrific accident scenes" he's ever witnessed, adding that the flip-flop did not appear to be wedged under the pedal. The sheriff also said that discussions are taking place to determine whether Burgess would be charged with a crime. Hit the jump to watch the News 10 report.

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