MCN takes us for a ride on Vyrus 986 M2 Moto2 race bike

Motorcycle technology has risen in leaps and bounds over the last decade or so, and nowhere is that more evident than at the highest level or competition on two wheels: MotoGP. Electronics packages, engines that spin through the roof and even gearboxes that can engage ratios at lightning speed all signal the way forward to ever-quicker lap times.

While all of that is well and good, if there's one place where motorcycle design has mostly become stagnant, it's the general layout of the engine, rider and suspension packaging. With one notable exception: Vyrus. The tiny manufacturer's calling card is its hub-center steering technology, which may very well give the machine a leg up on its fellow Honda-powered rivals.

There are other innovations in the Vyrus 986 M2 as well, including a frame that uses the 600cc four cylinder engine as a stressed member, a laterally mounted rear shock and radiators that are positioned below the engine. Thought-provoking tech for sure... but how does it all work where it matters most: on the track?

Click past the break to check out some footage of the Vyrus 986 M2 at the Misano circuit in Italy from Motorcycle News in the UK. Looks pretty awesome to us... especially the shots of the front suspension and steering systems working together at speed.

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