Southern California Edison's roadmap charts a course to the smart grid

If you're going to drive from your home to somewhere you've never been before, it pays to have a map. And, if you're going to turn a region from a place where electric vehicles are a niche market and electrical power comes from a few large plants into one where EVs are the rule and power is far more dispersed, it also pays to have a document that lays out the course. In other words, a map.

In anticipation of a more diverse electric future, Southern California Edison is creating a roadmap for a Smart Electric Grid. The smart grid is designed to support more local generation and to ease the use of electric vehicles both as transportation and as electrical storage. It's also designed to provide a system that's more reliable and better able to deliver power when and where it's needed to avoid the kind of brownouts and price spikes that the current system can create. Overall, the smart grid turns electrical users in SCE's region from passive consumers of electricity to more active participants in determining where their power is sourced, stored, and used.

SCE's ten-part plan includes managing peak demand, increasing conservation efforts, cutting greenhouse gases, and using the smart grid to power economic growth. Want full details? Get them in the PDF at the source link below.

[Source: (PDF) | Photo: Fastily – CC 3.0]

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