BYD still says electric e6 with 150-mile range is coming to U.S. in mid-2012

BYD e6-Eco

At the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, Michael Austin, BYD Motors vice-president of marketing and public relations, confirmed U.S. pricing for the automaker's electric e6 crossover and its F3DM plug-in hybrid sedan. It was at that time that Austin revealed that BYD intends to sell "tens of thousands" of each vehicle here in the States by the end of 2012. Well, not much has changed 'cept that it's now Stella Li, senior vice-president of BYD, confirming the automaker is on track for its mid-2012 retail launch of the e6.

Li told Plugin Cars that e6 sales to consumers will commence in the second quarter of 2012. Furthermore, Li claims that BYD's pair of electrified vehicles have passed the U.S.' required safety tests and that the results will be released in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Talking range, Li claims the e6's massive 60-kWh battery pack is good for up to 150 miles, even with the A/C cranking and the vehicle encountering some hills. Li says that, in the city, the e6 has an honest 200-mile range and claims, "Nobody can really compete with us." Nobody? Perhaps BYD is purposely overlooking the rangy Tesla Roadster.

[Source: Plugin Cars]

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