This is how to advertise a motorcycle

The shadowy crowd behind motorcycle marketing must be a strange bunch. A quick survey of the landscape yields a host of eye-rolling slogans from the "I wanna ride" of Honda to the painfully cliché "Let the good times roll" of Kawasaki.

For all of the genuine passion that bike enthusiasts have for their machines, manufacturers tend to rely on trite sayings and played-out advertisements that gloss over the whole purpose of a machine as ludicrous as a motorcycle. Bikes aren't safe, particularly comfortable or even really convenient in any meaningful way, but they offer a level of mental distance from the rest of the world that's otherwise unobtainable by legal means.

For a while, we thought bike makers didn't focus on this aspect of the hobby because it's hard to capture on film. Then we saw Barry Munsterteiger's newest video. Munsterteiger and his audio-visual friends got together with a bunch of high-end equipment and summed up exactly what makes climbing on a bike before the sun comes up so damn appealing. Here's hoping a manufacturer comes ringing on this guy's door sometime soon.

Hit the jump to check it out for yourself.

Escapism from barry munsterteiger on Vimeo.

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