Royal Enfield tank painter is a master of the art

No one can complain that Royal Enfield doesn't make them like they used to. In India, the motorcycle bike manufacturer is still busily cranking out machines just the way it always has, right down to their hand-painted tanks. It's difficult to fathom that once not so long ago, every motorcycle and car on the road was available with hand-painted details.

With changing tastes and the arrival of vinyl and computerized vinyl cutters, that art has all but vanished from fashion. These days, those who can apply paint with a steady and skilled hand are masters of a dying art.

Workers at the Royal Enfield plant have been kind enough to show off what goes into painting the company's beautifully pinstriped tanks. We have to admire the genuine investment the artist has in his work, as well as the pride he so obviously takes in the finished product. Check out the video after the jump to see what we mean.

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