Depth of Speed's Josh Clason teaming up with eGarage

Josh Clason (he of the Depth of Speed series) is teaming up with eGarage. Two great flavors that will certainly taste great together. Clason and eGarage plan to bring us plenty of visual automotive delight, and the duo have just realized a teaser clip of what's in store.

Verbally, the pair are mum on what's coming up. The teaser video, however, speaks volumes. We've seen the JDM Legends machines before, but the rest of the video takes on everything from rat rods and lead sleds to modern high-horsepower Bentley coupes. Click past the jump to watch the video.

One warning for the easily offended; there is a brief swear shown on screen. Don't laugh... some have rather sensitive work environments, and we don't want anyone getting in trouble.

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