Bristol working on 200-mph electric supercar?

Bristol has been in the news lately due to due a serious 'down' (bankruptcy) and a last-minute 'up' (saved by Frazer-Nash). Now, the British automaker is once again making headlines, and this time, it's because of a decidedly ambitious plan. Britain's Evo magazine has gotten wind of the company's plan to create a supercar that boasts a twofold method of attack. First, it will hit 200 miles per hour and second, it will achieve 100 miles per gallon.

Bristol is prepping the range-extended exotic sports car for the 2013 automotive marketplace. Since Frazer-Nash loves fiddling with range-extended powertrains, it makes sense for them to plunk such a gas-electric heart into a shapely handbuilt Bristol missile. For now, however, this remains firmly planted in the rumormill category. It's not that we don't want it to happen, we just need a bit more to go on.

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