Bristol Cars saved by... Frazer-Nash?!

Ill-fated Bristol Cars has reportedly been rescued from the perils of administration by an unlikely savior. Kamkorp Autokraft, a Swiss company that's part of the Frazer-Nash empire, officially bought the British automaker after it was forced to make 22 members of its 25 person staff redundant last month. According to PistonHeads, Kamkorp Autokraft says it intends to blend the Bristol Cars tradition of building beautiful vehicles with the alternative-energy knowledge amassed by Frazer-Nash. The news likely means that the world will be treated to an all-new electric sports car sometime in the near future.

Bristol Cars has its roots in aircraft manufacturing, but converted to building bespoke vehicles for the well-to-do of the UK shortly after World War II. The company hit financial dire straits last year, and in March of 2011, Tom MacLennan and Trevor Binyon were named joint administrators. Remarkably, sales and service have carried on throughout the whole ordeal, and that doesn't look to stop anytime soon.

William Chia, the director of operations for Frazer-Nash, said that his company is committed to continuing to service the brand's cars.

[Source: PistonHeads]

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