Fisker's future includes plug-in crossover coming to Frankfurt Motor Show

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Fisker Automotive has reportedly revealed a bit more about its future, telling What Car? that it intends to launch a slew of vehicles by the end of 2013.

Speaking at the UK launch of the Karma, the automaker's chief executive officer, Henrik Fisker, revealed that the range-extended electric vehicle will go on sale in the UK this September. Around that same time, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Fisker will unveil a version of the Karma that's rumored to be a mix between a sporty wagon and an SUV (aka a crossover). The Karma crossover will reportedly go on sale in 2012.

This adds to the information we already knew about Fisker's future plans. Next up is the hard-top convertible Karma S, a vehicle that What Car? says will be launched in 2013. Then, in late 2013, the Fisker Nina is scheduled to burst onto the scene. The launch of the Nina will supposedly be followed by the introduction of a four-wheel-drive Karma and the availability of a multi-speed gearbox that Fisker's says could boost Karma performance to "Veyron levels." This massive rollout might be sound ambitious for a startup automaker, but the Fisker team surprised people by finally releasing the Karma last month – after years of delays – so don't count them out just because they dream big.

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[Source: What Car? | Images: Copyright 2011 Sebastian Blanco / AOL]

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