Family has snake appear on hood of moving vehicle, keeps driving

Parked vehicles are nearly the perfect hideout for all manner of critters. The infinite nooks and crannies of an automobile are all but irresistible for everything from insects to rodents, household pets and reptiles. One Memphis family recently had a close encounter of the legless kind when a nearly three-foot-long gray rat snake crawled out from under their vehicle's hood as they drove down Sam Cooper Boulevard at highway speeds. The befuddled snake inched its way along the windshield, likely seeking shelter from the engine heat and vibration and around to the sideview mirror before falling to the roadway to the apparent delight of the terrified vehicle occupants.

The father of the family misidentified the reptile as a water moccasin, resulting in quasi-appropriate hysterics from some of the occupants. The result is plenty of distraction and a growing controversy in YouTube's comment base about whether the driver should have pulled over and let the snake slither away, or whether they were right in continuing to go on their way.

Here's a tip: If you spot a snake on your car, pull over, get a stick and escort it off, or at least wait in the vehicle until it goes away. Chances are, the animal wants off your ride as badly you want it away from your car. Hit the jump to see the chaos for yourself.

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