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9-foot cobra pulled from van, and it's not the first time

We're detecting a pattern

We're detecting a pattern.

Hiss off! Venomous snake takes refuge in Australian man’s engine bay

The red-bellied black snake can grow to more than 8 feet long.

The Australian tourism board would rather you not read this.

Snake slithers out of dashboard and nearly causes a crash

The encounter did not end well for the snake.

Red rat snakes are nonvenomous.

Florida snake takes a wild ride in an engine bay

I've heard of serpentine belts, but this is ridiculous

Local python hitches ride in Zimbabwean farmer's engine bay

Serpentine belts are an integral part of a car's engine. Actual serpents, however, are less so.

Snake and Mongoose is this summer's other motorsports movie

Rush is the Formula One epic that everyone in the auto industry is talking about, thanks to its A-list director and star actor (Ron Howard and Chris Hemsowrth, respectively). But just because Rush has Opie Taylor and Thor involved, doesn't mean it'll be the only racing movie of the year.

SRT Viper Returns With A Vengeance

All new from the ground up, new Viper civilized and wild

The SRT Viper is not a super car. It's an outrageously awesome, top of the line, incredibly fast, super beast. Every accolade in the book still doesn't do this vehicle justice.

Biker gets surprise visit from 155-mph snake

Take a close look at the image above. Yes, it's a motorcyclist, riding an orange motorcycle. Take a gander at the speedometer, and you'll see he's doing about 250 kilometers per hour, which equals about 155 miles per hour.

Family has snake appear on hood of moving vehicle, keeps driving

Parked vehicles are nearly the perfect hideout for all manner of critters. The infinite nooks and crannies of an automobile are all but irresistible for everything from insects to rodents, household pets and reptiles. One Memphis family recently had a close encounter of the legless kind when a nearly three-foot-long gray rat snake crawled out from under their vehicle's hood as they drove down Sam Cooper Boulevard at highway speeds. The befuddle