What if everyone in your town drove a golf cart? In Peachtree City, GA, they do!

Golf cart parking at McIntosh High School in Peachtree City, GA – Click above to watch video after the jump

What would it be like if everyone in your town did all their local driving in golf carts? One only has to look to Peachtree City, GA, a planned community just south of Atlanta, to get an idea. Almost every family in this town of 35,000 has one of the low-speed, low-carbon vehicles. That makes for about 10,000 of them roaming the 90 miles of cart-compatible paths, picking up groceries, taking kids to school and robbing banks doing all the short trips that make up so much of our daily driving.

The phenomenon began after the construction of the first golf course in the sixties when residents wanted a cart-specific path to access the facility. From there it quickly grew, even influencing State legislation in 1974 allowing golf carts on public streets. A survey conducted by the city indicates that carts make a million trips a year that would otherwise be made by larger vehicles. Hit for jump for a nice video piece by AP and let us know if you'd like your town to follow their example.

[Source: Associated Press / Peachtree City]

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