Toyota's Crash Avoidance System Steers Car For You

We've shown you the sophisticated safety systems that are making their way into cars today. But, what about tomorrow? Who will be next to develop a technology as critical to saving lives as the airbag or seatbelt? Toyota may have the answer. There are cars that can apply brakes when sensing danger, cars that will stop you from cutting off another driver, there are even cars with 12+ airbags. They do everything short of steering you out of the way. Until now.

Toyota Safety Tech

Toyota's recent safety demo in Tokyo showed off their newest safety tech innovation for collisions: active steering. The new system uses cameras and radar in the front of the vehicle, to detect a possible collision with a pedestrian. If it detects a pedestrian, it will steer the car out of the way automatically.

"We must learn from accidents and keep making improvements in safety features," said chief safety technology officer Moritaka Yoshida. Toyota says their aim is to see a day when there are zero car-related injuries or fatalities.

[Source: AP via MSNBC]

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