Four-cylinders increase lead over V6s as engine of choice for Americans

America cho-cho-chooses the four-cylinder engine as its preferred means of locomotion. In fact, the four banger has been the favored choice since taking the lead over six-cylinder engines a few years back. The four-versus-six debate was neck in neck back in 2005, when six-cylinder engines accounted for 43 percent of the market. Now, it's the four pots that own 43 percent of the market.

There's no mystery behind the shift in consumer buying patterns. Fuel prices are higher, four cylinder engines keep getting better and the economy continues to remain flat.

It's also no surprise that a the eight cylinder engine has also fallen out of favor with new car shoppers. In 2005, a V8 could be found powering one in three new vehicles. Today, that powerplant has fallen to powering one in six. Time, as they say, marches on...

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