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BMW bringing i4 concept to LA Auto Show

Word has it BMW may be planning to bring a new electric vehicle concept to the Los Angeles Auto Show. A report in the French magazine l'Automobile suggests the German manufacturer will show up with a sportier version of the i3. BMW has made big waves about shifting its naming structure to brand coupes, convertibles and sports cars with

BMW i4 coming to LA?

It's a good thing someone at Green Car Reports can read French.

Jaguar announces new supercharged V6 and turbo four-cylinder

The Jaguar engine lineup is about to get a lot more interesting with the addition of a pair of forced-induction powerplants. The engines, announced in time for this week's Beijing Motor Show, will be mated to efficient eight-speed ZF transmissions.

BMW i4 and i5 on the way?

With the BMW i3 and i8 guaranteed for production (well, nearly guaranteed), rumors are starting to swirl that BMW will add two more models to its high-efficiency i brand. Likely dubbed the i4 and i5, they will expand on the i3 and i8 platforms, respectively.

BMW i4 and i5 to focus on affordable performance, families

There are plenty of numbers between three and eight, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that BMW's recently unveiled i sub-brand

Four-cylinders increase lead over V6s as engine of choice for Americans

America cho-cho-chooses the four-cylinder engine as its preferred means of locomotion. In fact, the four banger has been the favored choice since taking the lead over six-cylinder engines a few years back. The four-versus-six debate was neck in neck back in 2005, when six-cylinder engines accounted for 43 percent of the market. Now, it's the four pots that own 43 percent of the market.

Review: 2010 GMC Terrain - a tale of two engines

2010 GMC Terrain – Click above for high-res image gallery