BMW introduces us to the Poucan, Luffalo and Zorse

When it's not congratulating itself on how sweet its current lineup is, BMW is having a good old nostalgic ego stroke about the company's past creations. And the automaker gets pretty snooty when you start willy nilly bolting aftermarket parts to their Uber Autos Ultimate Driving Machines.

This week, BMW has started a new ad campaign themed "that's not natural." The folks in the ad department put on their biology hats and invented three new creatures: the poucan, a penguin/toucan hybrid, the luffalo, a lion crossed with a cape buffalo, and the zorse. Which is a zebra/horse. Yep.

The point here is clear: Putting lesser parts on your BMW is as unnatural as a lion with horns, or a penguin with a multicolored beak. Or a horse that has some zebra stripes. Click past the jump for all three videos in their glory.

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