General Motors leads in fuel cell patent rankings, Honda in second place

A recent survey by JP Patent Publication shows that, from 1980 to mid-2011, General Motors led the way with the highest aggregate score (total patent points) for fuel cell technology-related patents. In second place is Honda followed by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Honda, with a score of 90.6 for an individual patent, lead all of the others assessed by JP Patent Publication in that category. Integrity Exports says that some of Honda's notable patents include, "superior hydrogen leak safety management for fuel cells and easy-assemble fuel cells." In 2007 alone, Toyota registered 192 fuel cell-related patents.

JP Patent Publication assessed both the quantity and the quality of the patents, which is why Toyota, even with its 810 patents, does not lead the pack. JP's ranking system clearly shows that General Motors and Honda are well ahead of pack, at least in terms of total patent points.

[Source: Integrity Exports | Image: Integrity Exports]

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