World Report, 7/22: Space Shuttle Atlantis Lands And More

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With the successful landing of space shuttle Atlantis on Thursday, mission STS-135 came to a close, and with it NASA's space shuttle program. But, NASA is quick to dispel concerns that this might mark the end of US space exploration.

"The end of the space shuttle program does not mean the end of NASA, or even of NASA sending humans into space" says a post on NASAs website from earlier this month.

In fact, the end of the space shuttle era may mark the beginning of another, as NASA places a renewed focus on the goal of landing humans on Mars. [ NASA]

green vehicles, triac

EV startup Green Vehicles has folded, despite receiving over half a million dollars in State and city loans. The city of Salinas, CA invested heavily in the maker of the three-wheeled electric Triac in hopes of generating "green" jobs and attracting other alternative energy companies to the area. Salinas Mayor Dennis Donohue will seek to recoup the city's latest installment of $240,000 in the company. [ KSBW]

Fisker Karma

The long awaited Fisker Karma has finally arrived--well, six of them at least. The exclusive and elusive plug-in-hybrid sports car has kept us waiting for over 3 years, but there's finally hope that Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio may take delivery of their environmentally-friendly dream car soon. [ AUTOBLOG GREEN]

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