Montezemolo denies Ferrari IPO

Fiat has gone from a local automaker to a major industry powerhouse in a relatively short span of time, increasing its own market stake while taking over Chrysler to expand its global reach. But something's gotta give, figured the industry analysts, leading to speculation that one of its most valuable properties could be sold – at least in part – to raise capital for the rest.

Following much speculation that Fiat could begin selling off shares in Ferrari, the latter's powerful chairman Luca di Montezemolo has reportedly flat-out denied any possibility of an initial public offering on the open stock market.

Now, that's not to say that Fiat couldn't opt to sell all or part of Ferrari via other channels – say, privately to another automaker or group of investors. Montezemolo has been known, after all, to issue somewhat misleading statements, such as the repeated denial of an upcoming entry-level model right up until the introduction of the California. So we wouldn't quite put the issue to rest just yet, but we won't be calling our stock brokers with a standing order, either.

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