Jay Leno puts Jaguar XKR-S through its paces around the Nurburgring

Jaguar put Jay Leno behind the wheel of the company's newest heathen – the XKR-S – for a handful of quick laps around the fabled Nurburgring, and Leno, thankfully, brought along a production staff to record the occasion.

The comedian was able to squeeze in a few lead-follow laps with Sascha Bert on point and eventually worked his speed up to a best time of 8:41. Not too shabby for a guy who's used to putting along under steam power. It's clear from the clip that Leno holds the Nurburgring to be sacred ground.

Leno doesn't spend too much time pontificating on the merits of the XKR-S. While we're treated to plenty of great shots of the car dancing around the track and the sound of its vicious dual-exhaust, the clip is absent any real driving impressions. Still, that's just fine by us. We already know all about how the XKR-S performs. Click past the jump to check out the latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage.

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