What $1 rise in price of gas can do to your SUV's value

According to a new study by Automotive Lease Guide, fuel prices play a huge role in how much your vehicle depreciates over time.No surprise there, but the specifics of the study are a little jarring all the same. USA Today reports that the study found that when gas costs increase by a single dollar, less efficient, large SUVs see their value stumble by a whopping 13 percent. On the other hand, that same rise in fuel prices will cause the value of more fuel efficient models to increase by 10 percent. Of course, as the report notes, those figures only hold true for vehicles on the polar ends of the fuel economy scale.

For full-size sedans and compact SUVs, fuel prices have effectively no impact on resale value whatsoever. ALG says it expects fuel prices to remain close to $3.65 per gallon throughout the remainder of this year. By 2016, however, the price may increase to $4.06 by 2016, just before more stringent fuel economy standards kick in for the first time. Head over to USA Today for a full look at how ALG says fuel prices impact vehicle resale values.

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