Trio of Nissan GT-Rs get ready to drag

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In largely stock form, the Nissan GT-R has taken to various forms of motorsports like only a technology-laden Japanese supercar can. But for some people, its impressive performance isn't enough. Word on the web is that ITP Racecars in Perth, Australia has been hard at work on a trio of tube-chassis, carbon-fiber bodied Nissan GT-R drag racers good for shooting down the quarter-mile at blistering speed. So far, the ITP crew have kept the details of the racecar's drivetrain a closely guarded secret, though if you take a keen look at the photos that the shop has released, it's easy to see an inline six-pot lurking between the rails.

According to, that means that these beasts will likely come packing a high-strung version of either the RB26 or RB30 powerplant, which could mean that the cars will be capable of clicking off six-second passes. The plan is to campaign the racers in the Pro Turbo and AA/SC classes. Wicked.

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