Montreal sewer geyser makes hapless Ford Focus dance

Never underestimate the power of hydraulic pressure. We typically think of water as a patient force that quietly sculpts the landscape of our planet over the course of eons, but under the right circumstances, the compound can exert violent force. Take the video after the jump, for example. In it, the water in a Montreal sewer is pressurized by extensive rain until it finds a suitable exit. In this case, that exit is a manhole cover on an otherwise quiet side street. The storm runoff causes the sewer to geyser out of the manhole, pushing everything in its path out of the way.

In this case, that means that one very unfortunate Ford Focus suffered Mother Nature's Canadian wrath. At first, the tired four-door endures nothing worse than a playful goosing by the rising waters, but the storm pressures eventually take to punting the car crooked in its spot. In the process, the rear valance is ripped from the vehicle. The lucky Toyota RAV4 parked behind the Focus survives the incident without so much as a blemish. Hit the jump to check the carnage for yourself.

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