Chrysler overtakes Ford as Canada's No. 1 truckmaker

Chrysler has managed to steal the title of number-one light-truck seller in Canada from Ford in the first half of 2011. Our neighbors to the north have seen an improvement in the construction industry, according to Bloomberg, which has helped fuel the country's light-truck market. Deliveries in that segment have grown at twice the rate of the rest of the Canadian auto industry, and Chrysler led that charge last month for the first time in 2011. That was enough to push the automaker past rival Ford, which nabbed the honor of being the number-one manufacturer in Canada from General Motors last year. GM had held onto that spot for decades.

It's worth noting that the light-truck segment includes everything from pickups to SUVs, minivans and crossovers. The Dodge Journey has seen its sales leap by 50 percent to 16,069 units up north, so that jump could be considered soft. The crossover was joined by the Grand Caravan, Ram pickup and Jeep Wrangler as models that all saw their best Canadian sales month ever this June.

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