ATL officers busted for writing parking tickets so they could use spaces and go to lunch

Occasionally, there's a lunch spot so good that many will risk the chance of receiving a parking ticket to go with their tasty meal. A few folks in Atlanta have found just such a spot, but they're upset over how the local parking enforcement is handling the situation. Not because the Atlanta Police Department was handing out the tickets, but rather they wrote the tickets to get the cars to move... and then took the spots for themselves.

According to local news outlet WSBTV, a man who chooses to go simply by the name Oscar has supplied cellphone video of cops utilizing the very same illegal spaces that just produced tickets for other motorists. The APD Office of Professional Standards has stated that it's looking into the matter to determine if officers violated any departmental policies.

You can click over to for the video, and find the rest of their story here.

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