Jay Leno takes his turn behind the wheel of Morgan 3 Wheeler

When we reviewed (and fell in love with) the Morgan 3 Wheeler, we said that deliveries in the United States would start in the first quarter of 2012, though TV personality and car enthusiast Jay Leno would probably get his a bit earlier. And after watching this video of Leno getting his first stint behind the wheel of the 3 Wheeler, we bet he's counting down the days until the open-top beast arrives in his garage.

Leno recently drove the 3 Wheeler and wrote a subsequent review for Wired, having this to say:

You know, when you drive cars like the Bugatti SuperSport or the McLaren, 100 miles per hour feels like 40. When you drive a car like this, 40 miles per hour feels like 200. And that's the fun of it really. You get that wonderful sensation of speed, you're close to the ground – you can scrape your knuckles as you go along. It's sort of... the ultimate motorcycle. It just makes you smile.

We couldn't agree more, Jay. Follow the jump to see Leno's full test of the Morgan 3 Wheeler.

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