11-year-old cuts the grass in Audi R8, forgets seatbelt

Kid gets keys to Audi R8, makes it dance – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Some would say the kid in the following video has an awesome dad. We know better... he most likely has an awesome uncle. A father might not let a son hop in the driver's seat of his shiny black Audi R8, turn the key and watch him enjoy some grass-fed donuts. Also, the father would be peeved that his lawn was torn up.

But seriously, someone gave this kid permission to hoon. Our legal team, parental sense of responsibility, and landscapers everywhere can't help but heap scorn on the adult(s) who helped make this happen, but a small part of us is pleased this young man already has a fine understanding of throttle-induced oversteer. We know you're in the middle of an empty field and all, but at least remember to wear a seatbelt next time, okay? Click past the jump to watch an 11-year-old make an Audi dance in a field.

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