Software company predicts 25% battery boost will trickle down to vehicles

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Massachusetts-based Clean Energy Innovations (CEI) was recently awarded the Great Lakes Entrepreneur's Quest Emerging Business grand prize for its innovative software system that supposedly enhances the performance of mobile phone batteries.

What's that got to do with automobiles? Well, according to CEI, the software system could be adapted for use in plug-in vehicles and could boost battery power by a claimed 25 percent. In fact, CEI is so confident in its software that it's looking to open a facility in Michigan to develop the system for use with automotive lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride batteries. The company says its software controls a battery's internal resistance and limits heat buildup during the discharge cycle, which allows efficient delivery of energy to the vehicle. Call us skeptical, but we're not quite convinced that would result in a claimed 25-percent boost in battery power.

CEI, which has yet to make available its battery-boosting cellphone tech to the public, says it will select a site for a technical center in southeast Michigan by the end of this year and hopes to have the facility operational in 2012.

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[Source: Edmunds' Auto Observer]

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