This is what a tire looks like exploding in slow-motion

The dangers of an exploding tire - Click above to watch video after the jump

As anyone who's been near a big rig that's lost a tire on the interstate will tell you, rubber under pressure can cause some serious damage. In an effort to promote shop safety, the crew from Branick Nitrogen put together a quick video showing just what kind of havoc overinflating a tire can cause inside of a garage. Apparently, this kind of scenario causes more than its share of accidental deaths around the world. After watching the footage, we can certainly believe it. In this case, it looks as if the bead lock separates from the rim itself, creating two large metal projectiles in addition to plenty of rubber shrapnel.

Fortunately, the tire in question was housed in a protective cage designed to handle this exact sort of situation. The force of the failure actually causes the cage to be ripped from its anchors and the metal structure suffers dearly at the hands of physics. Hit the jump to see the chaos for yourself.

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