BD Otomotiv to rescue Think Global from bankruptcy?

Think City factory in Elkhart, IN – Click above for high-res image gallery

BD Otomotiv, a sustainable transport group based in Turkey, is reportedly in advanced negotiations with the Norwegian court-appointed trustee of Think Global to rescue the automaker from bankruptcy.

Earlier this week, BD Otomotiv chairman Osman Boyner, released this statement detailing the company's intentions:
Our intentions are simple: to bring Think out of bankruptcy and make it the affordable urban electric vehicle for Europe it was always designed to be. We have the manufacturing capabilities and sales network to do this, and combined with a core group of retained Think talent in Norway, we aim to launch new platforms and the next generation of vehicles if successful in our bid. We know our aspirations are realistic and are extremely hopeful for the future of the brand.
In recent years, BD Otomotiv has focused almost solely on electric transportation. The sustainable transport group owns and operates vehicle production facilities in Turkey and Italy, as well as a recycling plant for automotive batteries. In addition, BD Otomotiv has an extensive network of sales and service centers across Europe and is a distributor of Fisker Automotive and BYD vehicles.

As of right now, it's way too early to tell if BD Otomotiv's attempt to rescue Think will be a success, but you can bet that we'll keep you up-to-date on this developing story.

Think City Production Facility in Elkhart, Indiana
Think City Production Facility in Elkhart, Indiana
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