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Ener1 to be booted from NASDAQ stock exchange

Looks like things that were bad with Ener1 (and the Think City electric car) are about to go to worse. After a string of bad news (see here, here, Sebastian Blanco

Battery maker EnerDel under fire over Think claims

When electric vehicle maker Think filed for bankruptcy last spring, it owed millions of dollars to EnerDel subsidiary Ener1. Ener1 was also a major investor in Think and a lot of the company's worth was tied up with the Norwegian EV maker. Any way you slice it, Think's failure put Ener1 in a bind. They were unable to collect on their debts, and their investments were suddenly worthless. Just recently, En

Executive shake-up underway at Ener1 as CEO resigns

The bankruptcy of Think Global is dragging Ener1 down even more, so an executive shake-up, it seems, is in order.

Think Global bankruptcy drags Ener1 down

Ener1, a pioneer of lithium-ion batteries for plug-in vehicles, has warned that it might not have sufficient funds to remain operational as a result of losses from its investment in Think Global, a Norwegian automaker that Eric Loveday

Official: Think Global purchased by Electric Mobility Solutions AS

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Th!nk thinks outside investors will step up to save Th!nk

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Th!nk now under "public administration"

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