Ford CEO Alan Mulally personally delivers F-150

"If you buy this truck, I'll come deliver it," Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally told his friend Rob Johnston. Proving that his pledge was more than just an empty sales tactic, Mulally stayed true to his word and dropped in at Satcher Ford in Aiken, South Carolina to personally hand over the keys to Johnston's 2011 Ford F-150. Johnston's likely still marveling at the luck that comes from having friends in high places, chuckling that "the CEO of Ford brought my little truck down to me" while taking delivery last Friday.

Maybe it's a new type of sales perk Ford could offer. Who wouldn't want, say, a Boss 302 dropped off by Parnelli Jones? There's a rich tapestry of Ford drivers in NASCAR available for Ford Fusion buyers, too. It could even be a line-item on the order form. Pay a little more for personal celebrity delivery, and the public figure of your choosing gets a vacation in an unlikely spot, like the overnight Mr. Mulally spent at Aiken's Willcox Hotel. If anything, it's a way for Mr. Mulally to spend time outside of Dearborn and speak with the public that buys his company's products.

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