General Motors' Mark Reuss says 56.2 mpg CAFE target will be "tough"

General Motors
North America President, Mark Reuss, says that automakers will have no choice (obviously) but to comply with the proposed 56.2 miles-per-gallon CAFE target for 2025, if enacted, but admits that it will be no easy task. Shortly after announcing a $2.5 million donation from GM to the College for Creative Studies, Reuss told Ward's Auto (sub. req.) that:
It's our job to take a look at it, digest it, and put together a data set of what it takes to do it. The auto industry does not get easier. It always gets tougher. That's the challenge and that's what our jobs are. If even-stricter guidelines require billions more in investment, so be it. It's not an either/or thing. It's how we get there with cars and trucks that consumers really want to buy at a [price] that doesn't put unreasonable cost on them.
An official CAFE proposal isn't due to be released until September, but it sounds like GM is ready for the challenge – whatever it may be.

[Source: Wards' Auto – sub. req.]

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