Obama Recognizes Local Motors [VIDEO]

A few years ago, former Marine and Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers could've never imagined his company would design and build a fully-equipped military machine in just a few short months. Normally, those things take lots of time--major car companies spend millions of dollars and up to seven years to take an idea from the sketchpad to the dealership--but not Local Motors. To be equipped for the future one must be adaptable. Change: it's the premise upon which president Obama campaigned in '08 and the way independent carmaker Local Motors does business. Local Motors uses crowd sourcing, a concept where ideas are contributed by a community of people to create a single end product. Local Motors, along with DARPA, were able to design and build the XC2V "FlypMode" for the military in just six months. Amazing.

The idea of crowd sourcing is big in the computer software industry where programmers and developers constantly share and adapt one another's ideas, but it's slowly making its way into the traditionally more bureaucratic manufacturing sector, something the President applauds.

President Obama said that "Federal agencies would partner with industries to boost manufacturing in areas critical to our national security." He mentioned the development of the XC2V as a successful, innovative way to quickly create a vehicle.

We got the chance to drive the Local Motors Rally Fighter on this week's episode of TRANSLOGIC. And, while we think our video made the vehicle look like a star, there isn't anything quite like having the big cheese name drop you on stage.

Click the image below to watch TRANSLOGIC 60: Local Motors Rally Fighter:

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