Ducati and Puma partner up for "Lean In and Ride" series

Ducati and Puma Lean in and Ride series – Click above to watch videos after the jump

Long before we ever threw a leg over a bike, someone once told us that the best thing about motorcycles is that if they were invented today, they'd be outlawed tomorrow.

For some riders, the feeling that you're doing something illicit (and probably more than a little stupid) is part of the allure. But everyone has a different reason for loving motorcycles. Be it the freedom, the expression, the status or the camaraderie, strapping yourself to an engine and two wheels is downright addicting.

Puma and Ducati have partnered up for a video series that looks into who rides the Italian bikes and why. The five segments take a look at everyone from a professional Formula Drift driver to a Ducati Master Tech and everyone in between to try to answer those questions. The result is a slew of well-put-together clips that will have you hankering for a Monster of your very own. Hit the jump to check out the videos for yourself.

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