Automobile pits BMW 1M against M3, chastises the automatic transmission

Automobile wrings out the BMW 1 Series M – Click above to watch video after the jump

Jason Cammisa is a talented scribe over at the magazine of automobiles. He's also a passionate fellow, and has chosen to release some of that passion on the topic of an automatic-equipped BMW M3. Why the hostility? There are certainly a number of reasons one could draw upon, but in this instance, it's because Cammisa has the BMW 1 Series M Coupe at his disposal.

Jason and his team decided to take the 1M out for a bit o' the ol' sideways shenanigans, and nearly everything about the resulting video is excellent. We can understand why some folks would opt for a non-stick-shift M3, though we wouldn't do the same ourselves. And if we agreed with automatic M3 shoppers, we'd both be in the wrong.

We're very happy that BMW won't build an 1M with an autobox, and so is Mr. Cammisa. See the full test for yourself, after the jump.

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BMW 1 Series M

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