VIDEO: Protoscar Lampo3 laps Le Mans, wins prize

Protocars Lampo3 with Supercar Cup – Click above to watch video after the jump

We've seen footage from both the Nissan Leaf Nismo RC and the Green GT race machine representin' at the "Le Mans vers le Futur" (Le Mans Towards the Future) demonstration event at the recent 24 hours of Le Mans. Now we can add video of the Protoscar Lampo3 to the cinematic library as it struts its bad self around the Circuit de la Sarthe in pretty awesome fashion.

Piloted by both Le Mans-winning driver Gabriele Gardel and Alessandro De Guglielmo, the latter driver seems barely able to contain himself during the parade laps bringing the prototype up to it computer-limited 200 km/h (124 miles per hour) top speed repeatedly while passing the other participants by. Besides sharing the experience of seamless acceleration accompanied by the sweet electric whine of its triple motor configuration, we get a look at simultaneous telemetry readout.

Off the track, the latest Protoscar conquered electrics and gassers alike winning the "Supercar Cup." Though we're not exactly certain what the parameters of the contest were – perhaps just plain awesomeness – we are sure the awarded trophy will look great on the Swiss company's mantle. Hit the jump for lots of Lampo3 on track action.

[Source: Protoscar]

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