Navy Stealth Ship To Be Decommissioned, Destroyed [VIDEO]

We like to think that most of the vehicles and gadgets we feature on TRANSLOGIC are fit for a Bond movie. Well, this high-tech pontoon actually was...sort of. The oblique Navy "Sea Shadow" inspired the stealth ship piloted by the evil Steve Jobs lookalike Elliot Carver from 1997's Tomorrow Never Dies. Unfortunately, appearing in a Brosnan-era Bond flick doesn't always ensure later success. The Sea Shadow is set to be decommissioned and destroyed. The Navy offered it up for donation, but no suitor could be found. Following deconstruction the remaining parts will be recycled or sold.

Sea Shadow was completed in 1985 by Lockheed Martin and DARPA and was kept secret during testing. The cost of the ship, at the time, was $195 million, but not all of that was a waste. "The craft was built to examine applications of stealth technology on naval missiles," Navy Spokesman Chris Johnson told Fox News. But when it comes down to it, "A ship that pristine is too expensive," Johnson added.

The surreptitious ship is kept in a secret dry dock at the Navy's Mole Pier in San Diego, but perhaps not for much longer. There is some hope, however. A phalanx of museum curators could try to nab the historic stealth ship before it disappears for real.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

[Source: Fox News]

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