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Navy's new Zumwalt-class stealth destroyer is too stealthy

New destroyer will deploy reflective material so it's easier for other ships to detect it during peacetime operations.

The USS Zumwalt is so stealthy there's genuine concerns that civilian vessels won't be able to pick it up on radar in bad weather or at night.

USAF preps B-2 upgrades as Congress slashes $460M from replacement program

The B-2 upgrade program will allow the iconic bomber to better manage the more potent and sensitive air defenses being allowed by today's computer systems.

USAF, Navy and Lockheed Martin hold different positions on stealth

As the next-generation of fighter aircraft enters their earliest planning phases, the importance of stealth technology is taking center stage.

US Navy to update submarine sonar and stealth abilities

The US Navy is outfitting a pair of its submarines with new technologies that will improve its sonar and cut back on the noise of the boat's nuclear-powered steam generator. The new techs are being installed on the Virginia-class attack sub USS South Dakota (shown above is the Virginia-class USS Hawaii) and the Ohio-class ballistic-missile boat USS Maryland.

Navy Stealth Ship To Be Decommissioned, Destroyed [VIDEO]

We like to think that most of the vehicles and gadgets we feature on TRANSLOGIC are fit for a Bond movie. Well, this high-tech pontoon actually was...sort of. The oblique Navy "Sea Shadow" inspired the stealth ship piloted by the evil Steve Jobs lookalike Elliot Carver from 1997's Tomorrow Never Dies. Unfortunately, appearing in a Brosnan-era Bond flick doesn't always

Tokyo 2009: Lotus Exige Stealth, complete with soft-touch paint

Lotus Exige Stealth - Click above for high-res image gallery